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DP Theatre and Company

IB Theater, Diploma Program

IB Diploma Program Theater is a two year, multifaceted theater-making course of study…

It emphasizes the importance of working individually and collaboratively as part of an ensemble. It offers the opportunity to engage actively in the creative process, transforming ideas into action as inquisitive and productive artists. Scholars experience the course from contrasting artistic perspectives. They learn to apply research and theory to inform and contextualize their work. During the course, scholars will be required to attend two professional theater performances in class field trip excursions. In addition, DP scholars will attend Odyssey performances at a special scholar rate for tickets, or they may attend free if they volunteer to help with ushering and lobby preparation/performance production. Our studies and experiences both in and outside the classroom will help scholars gain a richer understanding of themselves, their community and the world through the processes of researching, creating, preparing, presenting and critically reflecting as participants and reflective audience members.

Through the study of theater, scholars gain an awareness of their own personal and cultural perspectives while developing an appreciation of the diversity of theater practices, processes, and modes of presentation. Scholars will discover and engage with different forms of theater across time, place, and culture and gain international-mindedness.

IB Theater, Diploma Program

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Performances and Events

Will Power

In November, 2013, the United States of America sent a young troupe of actors from Odyssey Institute to the United Kingdom to perform on a London Stage. After going through the application process, this group of young actors and Shakespeare enthusiasts and their directors became the very first school from the United States ever to be invited to perform in the largest dramatic festival in the world. They were also the only school out of one thousand that year to perform Shakespeare’s controversial comedy, The Taming of the Shrew. What was the result? A standing ovation, brilliant review by a professional, London stage director, and an invitation to return November, 2014 to perform our unique, 1920’s rendition of Romeo & Juliet. This time, the festival coordinator put us on two stages in London. We were now not only the only school from the United States to perform in the festival, we were also the only school present invited to perform twice in two different professional venues. Once again, we received two glowing reviews by professional London stage directors and two standing ovations at The Abbey Theater in St. Albans, and The Albany Theater in Deptford.

In 2015, we were invited to perform Macbeth in a theater in Inverness, Scotland. We had expected to receive a sponsorship to help our scholars make their way to perform from a private donor, but that sponsorship did not come to fruition. The cast worked incredibly hard, so the news about the sponsorship was quite devastating, but it did not in any way affect their strong commitment to their craft. As a result of their dedication, the Festival directors invited us to send a film of our performance so that we could still participate remotely. This time, we received a glowing written review complimenting our cast on strong performances and ensemble chemistry.

In 2016, we were invited again, and worked hard to fundraise our way to London to perform our modern, hipster version of Much Ado About Nothing. Although we will not be returning again until 2018 with William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, we have formed a new group under the direction of Karyn Wiens, Will Power, Jr., for our junior high scholars. This group will be performing for the first time in the festival for 2017 with Twelfth Night.

William Shakespeare has brought a new and vibrant light into our middle school and high school. He has our scholars excited about stories, drama and bringing timeless characters to life on stage. This opportunity has not only strengthened our already growing performing arts program at The Odyssey, but it is also creating a culture for the arts in the West Valley that is sure to have a strong impact on future generations.

We never want to have financial struggles be a barrier to our scholars if their desire to grow in our performing arts program is passionate. It is our goal always to make this opportunity available to all scholars, regardless of their financial situation at home. The art of theater and performing is such a powerful expression for youth, and we believe that offering our scholars the chance to perform in the Shakespeare Schools Festival and throughout the year on our stage will give them a powerful voice and help them uncover gifts they may have never known they had inside.

The scholars of Will Power and Will Power Jr. working hard at fundraising and seeking individual sponsors to help them make this incredible opportunity a reality. We are always searching for patrons of the arts and young performing artists in Arizona’s West Valley. If you are interested in sponsoring an Odyssey actor to travel and perform in London, you can contact Kristin Caraway at kcaraway@topamail.com. Your tax deductible donations will not only help send young actors to perform on the London stage and represent our state and our country abroad, but it will also develop opportunities for the arts to blossom right here in the West Valley for future generations.

William Shakespeare
Will Power

All the world is a stage.

– William Shakespeare

Odyssey Performing Arts – Spring Musicals

Each spring, Odyssey High School and Junior High come together to rehearse and perform a big, spring musical on our stage. Audition information for the musical becomes available right after Thanksgiving break outside of Room A-111 on the high school campus and auditions are held right after Christmas break. Our musicals are big productions involving acting, singing, and complex choreography, including (often) tap numbers choreographed by staff members and scholars.

OI Company

Odyssey musicals are produced by the following staff:
Director: Kristin Caraway kcaraway@topamail.com
Musical Direction: Karyn Wiens kwiens@topamail.com
Choreography: Tabbatha Prewitt MrsT@topamail.com and Lisa Autrey lautrey@topamail.com

Performing Arts Show Schedule

OI’s Company

Company is an auditioned musical theater show choir group. This group performs at school and in the community as well as on stage at Disneyland every other year. Company meets everyday during 7th period.

For more information on how you may become a part of
OI’s Company, please contact Karyn Wiens at kwiens@topamail.com.

OI’s Company

There was a star danced, and under that, was I born…

– Kristin Caraway


STAGE is a group of Odyssey teachers, parents and scholars who are serious about theater and performing arts who have joined forces to form a brand new community theater group in the West Valley. Most of our productions are written and/or directed by our members.

We are united in our aspiration to build a theater in the Goodyear/Buckeye community that may be used not just for our scholars at Odyssey, but also for performing artists from all over the West Valley. We want a professional stage that is affordable and accessible to open partnerships and passion for the arts. Someday, we hope to make the West Valley the theater district of Arizona. In the meantime, STAGE supports Odyssey’s Theater program and Will Power scholars.

Get on our e-mailing list! Get invited to special receptions and events! Come and support us and live theater for generations to come by coming to our productions. Become a theater sponsor! Your contributions and patronage of the arts will secure a future creative culture here in the West Valley for
kids of ALL ages. Please contact Kristin Caraway at kcaraway@topamail.com for more information.

Southwest Theater Actors Guild and Ensemble
Founding Members: Lisa Autrey, Cyndi Barbee, Kristin Caraway, Matthew Caraway, Michael Isaacs, Stacy Leard, Karyn Wiens

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S.T.A.G.E. Productions
The Princess Principle

The Princess Principle, 2016

Jemma’s Diary, 2014

Jemma’s Diary, 2014

Steel Magnolias, 2017

Steel Magnolias, 2017