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Project Description

Our youngest scholars begin their learning adventure at The Iliad Preschool where they are exposed to academics, foreign languages, art, music, physical education, and making responsible choices. The quest for knowledge continues as scholars navigate their way through our phenomenal Odyssey Preparatory Academies and The Odyssey Institute for Advanced and International Studies. The journey concludes–not simply with college admission–but by the wholehearted admission of life-long scholars and principled individuals into a global society in which they are prepared to flourish and lead.

Arrive at any Odyssey Preparatory Academy campus between 7:45-8:00 in the morning and you will be greeted by the voices of scholars quoting The Odyssey Core Values out loud and in unison. Not just something that we repeat each morning and then go about our day, our Core Values inform each of our decisions at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy.  From our curriculum choices, all the way down to our tardy policy, we expect, require, and believe that:

  • At The Odyssey Preparatory Academy every scholar matters and all scholars will be empowered to use their talents in order to grow emotionally and academically.
  • The Odyssey Preparatory Academy will promote an environment of excellence and professionalism.
  • Growth isn’t always measured by test scores.
  • Scholars will be challenged and will feel safe to explore and learn new things on a daily basis.
  • All scholars will be engaged in a learning environment of creativity and fun.
  • At The Odyssey Preparatory Academy all team members are appreciated and valued for their hard work everyday.
  • Teachers, staff, parents and the Buckeye/Goodyear Community are all team members.
  • All team members will engage each other through positive communication and display appropriate behavior.

By reciting these values every morning, posting them prominently in every classroom, referring to them frequently throughout each school day, (and even removing them from the wall and taking them with us on a fire drill!) we emphasize their importance and model our respect for guidelines and rules. At The Odyssey Preparatory Academy we actively seek to create and nurture a culture of academic excellence and ethical behavior that is embraced by all team members.  Our bar of expectation is set nothing short of excellence for our scholars, staff, and faculty.

As a school of choice, we acknowledge that the challenges of our academic pacing and our emphasis on individual scholar responsibility may not be the best fit for every family.  However, for those who are willing and able to make a commitment to the rigors of Navigating Knowledge, Creating Character, Launching Leaders, and Focusing Globally…we say, Let the adventure begin!