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School Cheer Team Qualifies For State Championship
By Cameron Isaacs, December 9, 2015

BUCKEYE­ On Saturday, December 12th at Chaparral High School our Minotaur Cheer team went into a competition to qualify for the State Championships. They placed 2nd and will be attending the State Championships as well as Nationals later in the year. When asked for quotes, everyone who was talked to about the cheer team seemed very excited about the qualification. The coach of the Minotaur Cheer Team Mrs. T said, I am extremely proud of the cheer girls hard work and dedication. They entered the competition with their heads held high and the confidence that they could do anything they set their mind to,”. Mya Le, one of the members of the cheer team said “It was a lot of hard work and mornings of waking up at the crack of dawn, but we’re one step closer to reaching our goal and I couldn’t be prouder of my team,”. One student, Mia Felton simply said “I think it’s awesome that they qualified for State,”. It seems excitement is spreading about this accomplishment all around campus.  


The Heart of Odyssey
By Keyera Malbrew

Buckeye AZ­  Are you aware of the woman that makes those copies? The woman making the announcements that you hear in your classroom? The one you turn your signed forms into at the beginning of the year? That hard working woman is Anne Krofchek! Usually when you meet her she is either making copies for students, taking a phone call from a parent, she might even helping teacher with a task, but if you’re lucky you’ll catch her making an announcement on the intercom. Mrs. Anne has been working with Odyssey for 3 tremendous years and she says that she loves every minute of it. When asked “what do you love the most about working here” She replies with “I love the students.. they greet me with hugs and when some see me they chat with me and I appreciate that very much.” Mrs Anne shared with me “My job isn’t always fun since I am the one taking the calls I have received a few negative calls from parents regarding students.” I proceeded with a follow up question “ what do you do when you get those types of calls.” The extremely patient Mrs. Anne does not argue, She defuses the situation and when required hands the call off to a more appropriate person for the problem. I asked a peer what exactly stands out about Mrs. Anne? Nurse Candy said “it takes a lot of patience to do her job and she does it all!” She also expressed to me that she is the nicest in the office. Nurse Candy believes that Mrs. Anne is a great person in the office but makes an even greater team with the whole front office including Mrs. Ybarra, Mrs. Renee, Nurse Candy and Mrs. Anne! What does Mrs. Anne do for you?



3 Movies You Must See This Christmas Break
Gage Nichols OI

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
This movie is on the top of the list for most this christmas. This is mostly because of all of the hype leading up to the new sequel to the great star wars movies the ratings for this movie have all been great and imdb has given the movie a nine out of ten stars. Not only has the movie been praised by critics but is also starring some of the original cast. All of this adds to a must see for any star wars fan or if you just want a nice action packed movie to go see.

2.Daddy’s Home
This movie is one for anyone who likes comedy and Will Ferrell because it even has Mark Wahlberg along with the comedy legend. A movie with this amazing cast is sure to make anyone no matter how bad or sad their sense of humor fall on the ground laughing. Critics have been stating it’s a movie you should go and see if your ready to laugh so be prepared for hold your sides.

3.The Revenant
This action thriller is on a man on a mission for revenge. Now any of you really love those action thrillers this one is for you based on a journey for absolute revenge. Critics have also been saying that this movies cinematic are Oscar quality. This movie will have tension and all of you on the edge of your seat and the ability to crave that hunger for a great action movie.


A Christmas Carol


Over the weekend Odyssey had its tenth play in its theater career. A Christmas Carol featured Odyssey’s largest cast yet, a whopping 65 . The director, Teresa Tally, co­director and head of sound Kristin Caraway, and producer and set design manager Karyn Wiens were joined by costume designer Sarah Moesbergen and costume and props designer Stacey Sereno. Also involved were choreographers Tabbatha Pruitt and Kara Rang, makeup artist Jessyka Uglem, stage manager Kinzy Clemen, assistant stage manager Makenzie Dollack, and backstage assistant Sydney Burt. Professional pianist CJ O’Hara played piano live through each performance.

A Christmas Carol is a musical based off of the book of the same name by Charles Dickens. It tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, plays by Hunter Cuison, and the change of heart he undergoes as he encounters the ghosts of Christmas past (Grace Lyons,) present (Jared Barbee,) and future (Megan Comstock.) The role of Scrooge was Hunter’s first lead role. “It was a really unique experience for me,” he commented. “With being the lead comes a lot of responsibility. You have to be the face of the show… It was a fun show to do. I really enjoyed the process even though it was stressful.” He added, “Whether by magic or the Christmas spirit we pulled it together and made it a great show worth watching and worth doing.”  Co­director and sound crew Kristin Caraway, writer of plays and books herself, has always enjoyed A Christmas Carol. “It’s always been one of my favorites,” she said. Working on it and with the music, which I love, was a lot of fun. A little chaotic, but fun.” In fact, she was the one who suggested it to be performed. Director Teresa Tally had always wanted to do a Christmas themed play but was unsure of which one until Caraway’s suggestion. “I loved the ending of the show after Scrooge had a change of heart and everyone was having so much fun on stage and our little snow machines were going while everyone’s singing ‘Let the stars in the sky remind us of man’s compassion/ Let us love till we die and God bless us everyone.’ As tired as I was at the end of the show, I really did feel like I was ready for Christmas and, like Scrooge, I was encouraged to keep Christmas in my heart all year long.”

Christmas List
By: Nicolas Terry
December 9, 2015

Buckeye­ Christmas is right around the corner and the students of Odyssey  have started to create their Christmas lists. There have been some great new gifts and unique ideas this year. Everyone wants something for Christmas even if you can’t think of something you want. For those of you that don’t know what you want, or even what you want to get someone, here are some ideas that could help you through the holidays.

After a recent poll on the Odyssey Institute For Advanced And International Studies, many people have shown that most people want a hoverboard or money. Although there were many other ideas such as cars, shoes or video game consoles, The trending gift of 2015 seems to be a hoverboard. If you don’t know what to get this holiday season, these could be great gifts for your friend or relative. Happy holidays!


Holiday Gift Guide
by: Connor Belanger
Odyssey Institute, Buckeye,  AZ

The holidays are just around the corner and so are your shipping deadlines. So us here Minotaur News are here to get you on you holiday shopping game with some holiday hits. For the gadget lovers among us, Amazon’s Fire tablet is a hit. The $50 tablet offers reasonable build quality and surprisingly good hardware.

Although good luck getting them online because at last check they were sold out!

The Apple Watch is also on holiday sale with pricing varying by model at Best Buy. The gamers out there are likely to score a holiday deal. Both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One are offering promising holiday bundle deals with the PS4 going for only $300. Fallout 4 is also one of the recent popular games, although it does not appear as though it will be going on sale. Sport and outdoors enthusiasts are likely to have an interesting Christmas with some recently released electric powered “toys” known as Hover Boards. Be wary when buying however as some companies have created potentially hazardous boards. Some safe brands would be Swagway and Razor, but sure to read reviews before purchasing. As always popular clothing stores such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, and JCPenney are having their holiday sales making now a good time to pickup the latest outfits. Other local retailers may also be having sales so be sure to check the papers leading up to Christmas! Lastly, if you are ordering online be sure to order before the website’s holiday shipping deadlines. For Amazon you can longer get free shipping in time for the holidays, but Prime members have until midnight on December 22nd to place their order. Most other sites you can expect a deadline of December 18th Best of luck with your holiday shopping from all of us at Minotaur News!

Finishing Strong
By: Austin Cole
OAIS, Buckeye, AZ

Christmas has come and the end of the semester soon after. Scholars here and there are frantically moving to finish any and all missing assignments and due essays that they’ve hard at work finishing for various classes.

Mrs. Hurley herself has seen these hard­working scholars doing their best to finish this semester strong, stating compliments such as how she’s, “impressed by students involved in various types of assessments,” and, “how each and every year new scholars have greater skill in terms of culture and academics,” as many of these newcomers have spent a greater deal of time in the OI school chain.

Yet as impressed she is of the new students, she’s also extremely proud of how previous high school students are,”supportive of each other, the community, and want to maintain the current positive culture”.

Though she has noticed that she’s seen the, “seniors struggling with their work,” but she’s hoping very much that these seniors “find some motivation” so that they can break through the spell many of them seem to be experiencing. So let’s do our best to continue making Mrs.Hurley proud!!!