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Amazing Educators

The Odyssey Family of Schools has created an environment that allows educators to work together, collaborating to make an impact on our scholars through positive synergy. All of our team members have aspirations for our scholars and they are committed to working with them to achieve their goals.

Knowledge Navigators

Teach. Lead. Make an impact on the future.

Teaching at Odyssey
The Odyssey Preparatory Academy’s The Odyssey Preparatory Academy’s teaching culture is built on professionalism, collaboration, and high standards. The ongoing professional development further enhances our supportive and dynamic work environment, and we strive to create every opportunity for teachers to positively impact their scholars – making them college ready, college-bound, and agents of social change.

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  • Individualized Learning
  • Holistic Approach
  • Collaborative Culture
  • Competitive Salary
  • Comprehensive Health Benefits
  • Caring Community that Fosters Intellectual Growth
  • And Much More…


Join us!

We are now hiring for the 2018-19 school year for the following:

  • Content Area Teachers Grades K-12
  • Bilingual Teachers Grades K-12
  • Special Education Teachers Grades K-12
  • Guest Teachers Grades K-12

Guest Teachers Welcome

The Odyssey Preparatory Family of Schools welcomes guest teachers to our family.

We have an amazing team of teachers who have contributed to our collaborative culture.  Guest teachers are visiting instructors who believe in our philosophies and contribute to our scholar’s high-quality instruction on a daily basis.

Guest teachers bring a fresh perspective and make a positive difference in the education of our scholars. If you’ve considered a career change, always dreamed of being a teacher, you have a college degree and you’re looking for a flexible work schedule, applying to be a guest teacher may be for you.

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Apply Today

Teacher Profiles

Antoinette Faye


Antoinette Faye was fed up with teaching. She loved connecting with the kids, but every year subjects that used to matter, like social studies and science, were increasingly absent from the curriculum. The profession she once dreamed of was filled with spoon-fed instruction, mistrust, and communication from the administration that modeled the old adage, “do as I say, not as I do.”

“I needed a change because I did not have the freedom to do what I loved every day, which is to teach. Not teaching to the whole child just didn’t feel right to me,” Fay said. “One sad example? We went on one field trip the entire five years I worked there. There was absolutely no learning outside those four walls of the classroom.”

So why choose Odyssey? Faye responded, “We are a community that is encouraged to ask, and encouraged to explore. Walking around this campus, there is an integration of children working, playing and learning. Every square inch of this campus inside and out is a classroom. There is also, boundless support from the administration, fellow teachers, aides, parents, and community volunteers. We go on trips, we have the freedom to enhance an already rich curriculum, we use our imaginations and the end product is that we help to create life-long learners. I’m so happy I took the chance to come here and I will never look back.”

Ashley Wentz


Walk into Ashley Wentz’s 2nd grade classroom and the walls burst with energy and passion. She radiates a spunky enthusiasm mixed with a calming presence. Instantly she reminds you of your favorite teacher back when you were in school.

She was an east coast native who took a risk to pursue her passion in Arizona. Unfortunately, several years later, that passion developed into a draining grind where she no longer recognized the reasons she started. When she pursued new career opportunities, she confidently shares, “I was either getting hired at a charter school or I was giving up the teaching profession for good. I could not go back.”

What made a difference with Odyssey? “It amazes me how close we all are. We care about each other, the administration cares about our needs and the children here are generally very happy. The culture here is unselfish, kind and is true to our global perspective. It’s a family.”