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Odyssey’s Global Influence

While studying abroad or advocating on behalf of international causes, scholars are given the opportunity to observe life with a broadened perspective, gaining a true understanding of other cultures personal beliefs, values, habits, foods, and other cultural differences. Odyssey scholars are given the opportunity to gain a global mindset by going on our yearly field trips or participating in fundraisers to help our community or one across the world.


Paying it Forward

Creating Water Solutions For Our Sister School

The Odyssey Preparatory Academy – Family of Schools, has been assisting in bringing water and sanitation solutions to our sister village in Ghana under the direction of WATERisLIFE since 2011. It has been an amazing journey thus far, and the new goal for Odyssey is nothing short of groundbreaking! Over the years, Odyssey has played a part in hygiene education to the villagers in Kapaachilyi, as well as securing their water source from animals and making it deeper in order to sustain the village’s water needs through the dry season. However, the village women and children still must travel approximately a mile to carry the water back to the village. WATERisLIFE has created a solar pump system that can transfer the water from the water source (dugout) to the village, bringing hours back into their day. Odyssey wants to make this happen!

Odyssey’s sister school in Kapaachilyi is an elementary school. Teachers must travel over an hour on motorbike to get to the school. Children learn the basics in conditions that we in the US would consider uninhabitable. They go home for lunch and many do not return because they need to help work around the village, cart water, etc. The middle school these children would attend is miles away, creating a significant drop in education levels due to lack of opportunity of getting to school. The need at our sister school is great. From material to mend uniforms all the way to guest quarters for teachers, opportunities are endless to make a difference. These beautiful people with their beautifully sweet and giving culture have a tremendous amount to share with Odyssey as well. However, in order to forge deeper into our relationships with the school, important work must be done at the foundation! Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene are the building blocks for change. Odyssey wants to be a part of helping provide this change for our sister school. Please help us fulfill our goal! Our next trip is scheduled for November 2016 and we hope to see water flowing at the end of it! It’s our opportunity, our choice, our Odyssey!

  • WATERisLIFE Elementary
Ghana School

Kpaachi Yili village – Ghana

Several years ago, the Odyssey Family of Schools developed a partnership with  Kpaachi Yili, a village of 1293 residents in northern Ghana. In partnership with the Water is Life Foundation, Odyssey has been able to help provide clean water solutions, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives.  Because of the generosity of the scholars and families of Odyssey, an incredible transformation has taken place.

In 2011, after a year-long fundraising effort, our WiL Ambassador and junior high Spanish teacher, Jessica Milakovich, travelled to Ghana to distribute 500 filter straws that were purchased with the more than $5,000.00 raised by Odyssey scholars. Mrs. Milakovich was welcomed with open arms by the members of the Kpaachi Yili community who were thrilled with the donation.

Since 2011, we have raised almost $25,000.00 to support WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) initiatives specifically in Kpaachi Yili. From water filtration systems, to latrine building, to hygiene education curriculum in the schools, and soap making by local women and most recently, a fully funded fence and gate surrounding their water source! We also helped fund the expansion of their dugout to hold water year round.

Our support has produced a flourishing, sustainable community we are able to call a partner. The combination of financial support and community buy-in has allowed for positive health changes in the school and community.

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