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What is the Diploma Program (DP)?

The Diploma Programme (DP) provides a challenging, internationally focused, broad and balanced educational experience for students aged 16 to 19. Students are required to study six subjects and a curriculum core concurrently over two years. The programme is designed to equip students with the basic academic skills needed for university study, further education and their chosen profession. Additionally, the programme supports the development of the values and life skills needed to live a fulfilled and purposeful life. (IBO.org, 2015)  IB also offers certificate programs for individual courses.

What is the IB Diploma Program at OIAIS?

At OIAIS, our goal is that all of our scholars experience at least one IB DP Course.  These courses provide scholars the opportunity to participate in a college level course and all the rigor it encompasses.  These courses require scholars to develop problem solving skills while potentially earning college credit.  This is a highly challenging course of study that requires lots of reading, writing, oral discussions, labs and independent research.  Most core courses require about 3 hours outside of class per week in order to be prepared for class and achieve at a high level.Our scholars have two ways to experience the IB Diploma program.

Option 1:

Pursue the full Diploma Program.  This program requires the successful completion of 6 areas of study scoring a 3 or higher on assessments, Theory of Knowledge, CAS, and Extended Essay.  Requirements for entrance include: completion of MYP Personal Project, 3.25 GPA, teacher recommendation and a completed application.

Option 2:

Take individual courses in the IB DP program and earn certificates for those courses if all requirements are met, including a minimum exam score-usually  a 4 or higher.  Requirements for entrance: B or better in pre-requisite course and teacher recommendation.

OIAIS DP Brochure
DP Presentation

Research suggests that the DP is a strong pathway to university – the impact of studying the DP on admission to a university and higher education depends on each student’s performance.

The benefits of IB

Scholars will be entering a global market-place.  They need to be prepared to be innovative, open-minded thinkers and adaptable.  IB prepares you for that.  If your plan is to attend university, there is no better preparation.  Universities seek out IB scholars because they are prepared for academic success, they look for scholars who have challenged themselves.  IB scholars are admitted to universities at a greater rate than their non-IB peers.

Benefits and Values:

Higher education institutions around the world admit students based on their IB credentials, and many have specific admissions policies and guidelines for IB students. Check out these resources for additional information.

University Recognition
IB Recognition by College

Check out what some schools offer IB scholars:

University of Nebraska
Westminster College
Grand Canyon University
Portland State

Stanford discusses the value of an IB education:

Course Description

IB- DP Language & Literature
IB History HL
IB Psychology SL/HL
IB Biology HL
IB Math HL
IB Mathematical Studies

The curriculum is made up of the DP core and six subject groups. Made up of the three required components, the DP core  aims to broaden students’ educational experience and challenge them to apply their knowledge and skills. Students choose courses from the following subject groups: studies in language and literature; language acquisition; individuals and societies; sciences; mathematics; and the arts.

DP Course Graph
IB SL/HL Spanish
Spanish AB Initio
IB Mandarin AB Initio
IB Theatre HL/SL
IB Dance HL/SL
Research Skills/Exam Prep

There are IB World Schools in nearly 150 countries throughout the world, and students send exam results to higher education institutions in nearly 90 countries annually.


Parent Guide:

Answers to the frequently asked questions about the Diploma Programme may be found in the Parents Facts about DP PDF form. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Kari Hurley at khurley@topamail.com.

Facts about DP

DP Policies:

OIAIS DP Assessment Policy
OIAIS DP Academic Honesty
Adventure Globe

Scholar Resources:

The DP focuses on rigorous academic study, within a broad and balanced curriculum, which can prepare students well for employment. Here are resources to help scholars on their journey.

Entrance Requirements
Extended Essay
University Support: IBO Registry
University Support: Recognition

Course Resources:

IB Language and Literature HL
IB Spanish SL/HL
Spanish AB Initio
IB History HL
IB Psychology SL/HL
IB Biology SL/HL
IB Environmental Systems and Societies SL
IB Math HL
IB Math Studies SL
IB Theatre SL/HL
IB Dance SL/HL
Extended Essay and CAS

Exam Resources:

2016-2017 Submission and Exam Dates
2016-2017 Fees
Sample Exam Papers