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Parents and Guardians

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ParentVUE is the parent portal giving a scholars parents or guardians web and mobile access to their scholar’s grades, assignments and communication with the teacher. In ParentVUE is easy access to your scholar’s class schedule, calendar, and additional classroom resources. Click here or on the icon to log in.


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StudentVUE is the student portal helping scholars stay engaged and accountable for their own education. With web and mobile access to their grades, assignment resources and deadlines and communication with the teacher. Click here or on the icon to log in.


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Lunch Ordering

New lunch company information coming soon.

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We offer a paid bussing service which has multiple stops in the Goodyear and Buckeye communities. To register for transportation, please visit the transportation portal.

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School Supplies

We look forward to seeing our returning scholars and to welcoming our new scholars to the Odyssey Preparatory Family of Schools. Please click here for the OI High School campus recommended school supplies.

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Band Rentals

Scholars taking band are responsible for having their own instruments.Please contact your scholar’s music teacher for any questions regarding this program. There are several options out there. Click here for the Milano instrument rental information.

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The Odyssey Preparatory Family of Schools provides the Parent and Scholar Policy Handbook as well as the Parent and Scholar Curriculum Handbook so that all scholars and their parents are familiar with the guidelines, operations, scholar responsibilities and policies regarding the school and enrollment.

Course Catalog


The Odyssey Preparatory Family of Schools provides the course catalog to showcase the course availability and curriculum
progression at The Odyssey Institute for Advanced and International Studies (OI).

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AZ Merit

The Odyssey Preparatory Academy follows the state of Arizona policy surrounding AZMerit testing.
Parent and scholar resources available here:

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Knight Tutoring features fee-based, one-on-one tutoring sessions individually tailored to each scholar, available for all ages and skill levels, from kindergarten through college. For more information visit the Knight Academy website here:


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After School Clubs




OI Theatre Program (An Auditioned Group) Ms. Caraway, Ms. Wiens: We will be offering three productions for our 2017-2018 Theater Season, and two additional special performances.

See Ms. Caraway or Ms. Wiens for details


First Tech Challenge Mr. Kolberg: FIRST® Tech Challenge is a robotics competition for high school students based on a sports model. Teams of up to 10 students are responsible for designing, building and programming their robots to compete as alliances against other teams.

 Monday through Thursday from 4 to 6pm.


For more information about our club, please go to the following
web sites:


4-H Ms. Haggard4-H prepares young people to step up to the challenges in their community and the world. Using research-based programming around positive youth development, 4-H youth get the hands-on real world experience they need to become leaders.


First Tuesday of each month @ 6pm Lecture Hall A


Odyssey Big Shots (Skeet Shooting) Mr. Bartee: The Odyssey Big Shots is a shotgun shooting club. We shoot all three shotgun disciplines with all of our emphasis on teaching gun safety by NRA certified coaches and competing in events around AZ. We are nationally recognized by the Scholastic Clay Target Program and supported by the Arizona Game and Fish Dept. For more information about our club or to learn how to sign up, please go to our website:

Sign ups will be posted sometime September 7th on a first come basis. There are only 16 spaces available for new athletes. If you would like more information, contact Kenny Bartee at Thank you for your interest in our club.

NHS (Ms. Harrington): The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) and National Honor Society (NHS) is an elite group of students who demonstrate outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, service, and citizenship. We will spend a lot of time on volunteering for projects that help our school and out in our community. Scholars are required to maintain a 3.5 GPA throughout the year, complete 10 hours of volunteer work each semester, as well as completing a community project. This is a great academic program that develops friendship, as well as an understand of our role in the community. It is very rigorous and requires dedication and a time commitment.

Meetings will be on biweekly Thursdays at lunch starting this Thursday 


Fencing Ms. Ewa Medynska: The fencing staff Odyssey Preparatory Academy, Inc will include a worldclass instructor.Ewa Medynska who has been coaching internationally and locally for the 25 years. She was assistant coach for the Junior National Polish Team. She was coaching locally at Arizona State University, Currently she is teaching at Kat’s Artist Tree in Goodyear and runs a fencing program for the Dysart Unified School District in Surprise.

Classes Thursday in the OI Dance Room 4:00 – 5:00 for Beginners and Intermediate Fencers

Fencing is a fantastic mental and physical sport that teaches competition, respect, and self- discipline in a safe and fun environment.!

Student Council (High SchoolMs. A. Miller & Mr. Arnoldy: Student Council members will conduct themselves as responsible and moral leaders of the school while promoting school spirit, participating in fundraisers for local and global causes, organizing school assemblies and other school events, and uniting all members of the school community.  There will be a selection process (i.e., interviews, elections, recommendations, and grade checks) in order to join and remain in the organization, as there are limited positions for 9th and 10th grade scholars.

Meetings will be held >>>> Mrs. Miller’s room A105 and will meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.


Hearthstone Club (Mr.Lin): Gaming club is a teacher guided, student driven club to play, improve, and compete in a variety of competitive online games. Including but not limited to: Hearthstone, Pokemon, Street Fighter 5, League of Legends. Meets Wednesdays 4:00 – 5:00 after school.

See Mr. Lin for details


Water is life / I Will Go (Ms. Crawford and Ms. Olson):  Want to make an impact abroad? Water is life at TOPA works to bring clean water solutions,  sanitation and hygiene programs to our partner village in Ghana, Africa. Through our organization, we have been able to raise thousands of dollars, making a real impact there.  Join us in our efforts as we continue to raise awareness in our community and help our partner village continue to reach their goals in providing clean and accessible water for their people. We will meet every two weeks on Wednesday>>>> to discuss goals, brainstorm ideas and plan events.

Wednesdays  3:45-4:45

Debate Club (Ms. Robinson): Join us for Odyssey’s first competitive Speech & Debate team! Whether you want to be part of the practice squad here after school, or take your show on the road, OI Speech & Debate wants you! Scholars can try a variety of events, from dramatic and humorous interpretations, impromptu and extemporaneous speaking, to policy or Lincoln-Douglas debate, to find those that they enjoy most. Wednesdays 4-5pm in Lecture Hall A. for more information.


Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) (Ms. Carscallen and Ms. Pratt): Meets Thursday at 4:00 in B-103: The Odyssey Institute Gender-Sexuality Alliance is a fun, inclusive environment for LGBTQI etc., allies and supporters. We provide a safe, supportive and confidential space where we accept, understand and support one another. We engage in activities and community service by giving donations and providing resources to the community and our school.


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) (Ms. Schaffner):  Future Business Leaders of America is a club dedicated to educating scholars about all things business.  From resumes to creating your own business or just learning what makes one tick, this club will help all scholars gain knowledge and wisdom regarding these subjects as well as gain valuable leadership skills to help them throughout their lives.  This club is great for anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur, those interested in business, and even those who would like to explore different career avenues.

Now meeting on Wednesday mornings at7:00 a.m. in room A113.


Computer Club (Mr. Bates): Learn the basic anatomy of a computer and the internet, and how to set up a computer to suit the needs of the user. The computer club will also experiment computer science tools, like virtual machines and different operating systems. The Linux command terminal will be frequently used.

Mountain Biking – Contact Ms. Sabo: Club has group rides and participates in competitions.

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Field Trips

Boston College Tour Dates: October 10 – October 23, 2017

Greater Phoenix College Fair:  Sunday, October 22, 2017  –  11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

9th Grade Trip: Departs March 5, 2018, for Costa Rica

Senior Trip: Departs May 31, 2018, for Italy


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The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Family of Schools uniforms may be purchased at Absolute Screen Printing.

Spirit Shop

The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Family of Schools P.E. uniforms, outwear, t-shirts and other school accessories may be purchased online or at the Odyssey Spirit Store located at 1495 S. Verrado Way (OI Campus).

Spirit Store

Uniform Policy

The Governing Board of The Odyssey supports the establishment and enforcement of a school uniform. It is their belief that the wearing of a school uniform by students of The Odyssey assists in creating an environment conducive to a quality learning opportunity for the children that attend Odyssey. Parents enrolling their scholars in The Odyssey agree to comply with the Uniform Policy at all times. Uniforms are available for purchase at Absolute Screen Printing, 407 E. Monroe Ave, Buckeye, AZ or Hi Fashion in Avondale, 1450 N Dysart Rd, Avondale, AZ 85323.

            “One of our Core Values at the Odyssey Institute is ‘We are committed to creating an environment of professionalism and acceptance.’  Our purpose in asking scholars to wear a uniform is two-fold.  One, it is to encourage scholars to understand the importance of presenting themselves in a professional manner. We ask them to consider what it means to show their classmates and their teachers that they are physically and mentally ready to participate in their community.  We also feel the uniform helps facilitate acceptance and individuality.  To quote one of our scholars “The uniform puts everyone on the same material level so that you are forced to learn about a person’s internal story.”  



The ONLY APPROVED shirts for boys and girls enrolled at The Odyssey Institute are the short-sleeved or long-sleeved Black or Maroon uniform shirt (Polo) with the Odyssey logo – whether one has a pullover on or not or the White

button-down shirt with neutral tie (Required for College Field Trips or Game Days).

The ONLY APPROVED pants/shorts for boys and girls are dress uniform Khaki or Black color pants, shorts, or capris. No Jeans, Leggings, or Cargo Pants.

Black skirts may be worn with the white-button up shirt / tie option. All skirts must be approximately knee-length and MUST be purchased from the OI Spirit Store.

The tie is required for all scholars with the white-button up shirt, tie dress option.

For Physical Education (PE), the OI PE shirt (OR Any OI Shirt) and OI PE shorts and/or BLACK LEGGINGS are OK – NO SPANDEX. They may be purchased at the Spirit Store or online from the Spirit Store.


Any appropriate jacket may be worn to school but only the approved Odyssey sweatshirts may be worn inside. As noted below: Sweaters/Sweatshirts will:

  • Be school approved colors, solid – maroon, grey, or black, OR
  • Be Odyssey Sweatshirts free of letters, numbers, icons, and symbols and will not display logos other than the approved Odyssey logo

Non-Odyssey wear must be removed when scholars enter the school building. This outerwear shall not be worn at any other time during the school day with the exception of lunch if the scholar chooses to go outside during inclement weather.


Non-Odyssey approved outerwear is not to be worn in the hallways or classrooms at all during the school day.

DRESS CODE:                                                                                                                     

All clothing will:

  • Be clean and neat
  • Be the appropriate size (not skin tight or too large)
  • Not be torn, tattered or written on
  • Not interfere with the educational process or present a safety hazard as determined by The Odyssey Preparatory Academy administration

Uniform shirts will:

  • Have any short-sleeved undershirt or GREY, BLACK OR MAROON long-sleeved

Under-Shirt (Optional)

  • Tucked in at the waist at all times

Pants will:

  • Be pulled up and snug above the hips
  • Be no longer than just above the sole of the shoe

Shorts will:

  • Be no shorter than the knee
  • Be no longer than the top of the knee

Sweaters/Sweatshirts will:

  • Be school approved colors, solid – maroon, grey, or black
  • Be Odyssey Sweatshirts free of letters, numbers, icons, and symbols and will not display logos other than the approved Odyssey logo

Jewelry/Piercings will:

  • Be kept to a minimum
  • Not include large hoop or large dangle style earrings
  • Include only appropriate neckwear, bracelets, and belts
  • Facial piercings can only be of a Clear Post.
  • Not interfere with the educational process or present a safety hazard

We are aware that the definitions of professionalism can change over time and acceptance can include incorporating these changing norms.  Piercing has become a more common aspect of our society.  In an effort to maintain the professional appearance, we are requiring that if a scholar has a facial piercing, the stud should be clear.  If scholars are not wearing a clear stud, they will be asked to remove the piercing.

Footwear will:

  • Be required at all times
  • Be lace up athletic shoes tied at all times

Scholars may wear flat, neutral color shoes – athletic shoes required for PE

  • No boots
  • Hair will:
  • Not be an extreme style (ex: no Mohawks)
  • Be only natural hair colors
  • Not interfere with the educational process or present a safety hazard as determined by the Odyssey administration

Headwear will:

  • Only be worn outside the building and can be worn during P.E outside.

Be restricted to school appropriate designs that are not vulgar, violent, obscene, or gang related

  • No “do-rags”, bandanas or sweatbands

Backpacks/Binders will:

  • Be free of logos, symbols or pictures that represent something illegal, violent, illicit or suggestive Subject to search by an Odyssey Administrator at any time, with our without warning


Students not wearing proper uniforms will be required to change into proper uniform. Uniform violations deemed excessive by the Odyssey Board of Directors will result in expulsion from school.